The vegetable garden

At the back of the restaurant, convenient for our kitchen, we’ve made a vegetable garden with aromatic herbs which, season after season, regale us with delights and fragrances.

from our vegetable garden

Some of the aromatic herbs

Erba di San Pietro (Costmary): smells of chewing gum, surprising taste; used for tortellini filling We use it to make ice-cream gelato

Winter savory ( Santureja montana ) herb known to the nobles and commoners. Fragrance of thyme and lemon. Matches our red onion gnocchetti of Medicina

Common nasturtium ( tropaleum majus ) : spicy like radish, a flower to remember

Watercress ( nasturtium oficinalis ) rich in vitamins, the spicy note in mixed leaf salads

Garlic chives ( allium tuberosum ) easy to digest, fragrant, the green note in chard tortelli

Bronze-leaved fennel ( foenucum vulgare purpureum ) sweet, aromatic and persistent, with delicate fish, dress with a drizzle of oil

Lemon balm ( melissa officinalis ) delicate and citrusy like a garden lemon

Elderberry flowers ( Sambucus L. ) for fritters and for the cocktail Hugo. The hollow branches are used for zufoli (a sweet)

Common rue ( ruta graveolens ) he deep, ancient note of an old-fashioned plant

Stevia ( stevia rebaudiana ) initially sweet, with a prolionged note of liquorice at the end. Zero calories