Gnocco fritto & bolle rosse

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Gnocco fritto & bolle rosse

The gnocco fritto in 26 different variations, with contrasting and complementary flavours, but with a common root: belionging to the territory. You can talk of local produce for the “Gnocco fritto & Bolle rosse” event that took place at the Ristorante Laghi, an idea of the great chef Paolo Reggiani, in collaboration with the Modenese model of Slow Food. Over 200 persons were able to taste the gastronomic combinations of the winner of the TV transmission, “La prova del Cuoco” on Rai 1, in combination with the large number of variations of Lambrusco proposed by 18 local producers.

«This year too, we wanted to talk of the local flavours – explained chef Reggiani – the name of the event itself is homage to Lambrusco, one of the few varieties of red wine with bubbles, that we want to celebrated by association of taste withe the local specialities, starting from gnocco fritto».

The novelty of the e was the introduction of the pork sausuage in the summer version, accompanied by melon instead of the classic puree, which is also a Slow Food presidium. «The sausage is a typical Ferrarese product and is reminiscent of our bond with the Estensi – continues Reggiani – because gastronomy is first and foremost the history and culture of our lands».

The evening was inaugurated by the “Il lambrusco è buono?” workshop, held by an equally famous cookery expert Antonio Previdi, the heart of the Trattoria Entrà and expert sommelier. «For some years now, Lambrusco has been improving considerably – says Previdi – thanks to a feedback mechanisms that the producers are finally collecting from their consumers: this triggered a virtuous cycle which led to changes in the entire production chain, from the vineyard to the cellar, hence greater attention to all the steps of the production, with the common aim of creating a product that is good for the palate, health and the environment».

Of about 200 Slow Food Presidia throughout Italy, there are almost no regulations linked to grape varieties «We’re working on it», says Antonio Chierchi, ex Chairman of Slow Food Emilia Romagna.


via Gazzetta di Modena