laghi restaurant

Our specialities

Promote and share a noble and antique culinary art that evolves from generation to generation.

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We have been running this family-owned restaurant since 1988, with the help of young capable staff. We grew up in this reserve which we sometimes leave, to go exploring the world.

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From the kitchen

First & Second courses

Flour and eggs, vegetables from the garden, our aromatic herbs, good farmyard animals are the ingredients we use every day.


Gnocco & Tigelle

Two traditional dishes from the plains and mountains, that have fed entire generations, are today a unique tasty dish.


Cold pressed meats & Cheeses

We use the best cured meats which seem to be the best at that moment; as for the selection of cheeses, we depend on the skill of Loanna di Toma e Tomi, with due respect to Parmigiano Reggiano